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Olivegevity was established in October 2015 to import, distribute and sell superior quality organic extra virgin olive oil, flavored olive oil, and all natural Kalamon olives without any artificial additives in the United States. We support organic, sustainable farming and aim to preserve the traditional farming techniques practiced on the farm from which are olive oils and olives are produced.

The Farm


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Our premium quality products come from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, an organic family-owned independent farm located near Sparta, Greece on the Peloponnese peninsula. This area is famous for its ideal weather conditions and perfect olive growing environment, which has led to over 3,000 years of olive cultivation. The olive oil culture is predominant here and the olive tree is considered “sacred”. Every olive tree on this Single estate has been hand cultivated to ensure optimum health of the tree for future production.

The farm is committed to growing the finest quality organic olives and years of research on this  farm allows it to blend modern technology along with traditional farming values.

At the farm there also some higher elevation alpine meadows where they harvest their wildflowers and other aromatic herbs. These areas are undisturbed which allow the herbs and wildflowers to grow in abundance. They also use hand collection methods to ensure that the plant and animal life here are not disturbed and will continue to flourish for future generations.