Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Olives Testimonials

Olivegevity’s Superior Quality Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Olives gain reputation with every new customer.

“Thank you Nestor, the oils got here. We have tried both and they are fabulous. We have not used oils that even come close to yours, and we have tried many other extra virgin organic olive oils. You can count on us being returning customers, and if you ever need references don’t hesitate to use us. Thank you for the quality products and the great customer service.


– Mike and Carol Sudzina


“I am really enjoying the taste of this olive oil. I love lemons and this oil complements the fresh lemon juice I mix together with it. I purchased the oil to mix with lemon and water to drink daily for health. 

Until recently, I was unaware of the olive oil fraud here in the US. Also, I did not know the freshness was a factor in olive oil, nor about different harvesting times.

I would be interested in the freshest oils. I am really enjoying this oil. Thank you so much. I was prepared to wait longer for my order since delivery was not stated. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for the quick delivery.



– Cindy from Nashville, Tennessee


“Thank you for your good olives and olive oil.  The olives are excellent quality, the fruit being just the right firmness and plump, and of course not bruised.  My favorite is the simple Organic Kalamata Olives, as well as the Lemonenies (I tend to like simple brine fermentation, and lemon is a good alternative to vinegars).

However, I must tell you that the real win in the order with me is your olive oil.  Excellent.  Fyllikon was the particular oil on this purchase, and it has worked very well with the several organic living salad dressings I prepare from scratch, with the olive oil being the base for the dressings.

Thank you again for the products.  I look forward to buying again.

Sincerely yours”


– Mark from Alpharetta, Georgia