More great news about our supplier’s olives with a double award in this year’s Aristoleo Awards!

ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 is a national competition that differs from others, because it doesn’t focus on the taste but on the beneficial properties found in table olives and their impact on human health.

These health-protective properties are now measurable with the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) method that has been developed by Greek scientists at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Dr.Prokopios Magiatis’ Lab), who collaborated with other university departments worldwide.
This method has been developed by professor Magiatis Prokopios, professor Eleni Melliou as well as their research team at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
These health beneficial properties that are found in table olives are called phenols, with tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol being some of the most important ones.

The phenols are mighty microingredients that are basically natural antioxidants that have an important biological activity. They seem to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, heart protective and neuroprotective effects on humans.

Also, the European Regulation 432/2012, which is currently in effect, states that if a product has certain concentration of these ingredients, it is eligible to acquire a health claim. The limit of these properties, as stated in the regulation, is more than 5 mg of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol combined per kilogram of a product.

The international ARISTOLEO AWARDS 2018 competition, awarded olive samples that have the highest concentration of combined tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, as measured with the use of the NMR method.

It was concluded on March 17, 2018 and the results are fascinating for Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming, with a double award for our table olives.

TELIES olives – ΟVER ALL – ΤΟP GOLD ΑWARD – 1st place

BALSAMIKES olives – GOLD GREEN ΑWARD – 2nd place

This award is a tremendous honor because it is a recognition of our efforts for 24 continuous years, to produce specialized organic products, that besides their many awards worldwide for their taste (reaching 77 total awards) , they are now getting awarded for their health beneficial properties, with the highest concentration of all the table olives tested worldwide, second year in a row.

Based on the NMR analysis results, the daily consumption of 3 of our table olives, exceeds the limit of the EU regulation, therefore improving human health.

Syllektikon Award 2017 2nd Place Worldwide


Syllektikon from Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates was announced the 2nd best flavored olive oil (EVOOWR) worldwide!

This is a tremendous distinction for Olivegevity’s Syllektikon Flavored Olive oil!

11/01/2018 Just announced – one of the greatest distinctions worldwide for Syllektikon flavored olive oil.

The 2nd best flavored evoo worldwide for 2017, based on the international ranking for EVOOWR, raising Greece up to 2nd place worldwide in this category.


7952 olive oil samples worldwide

From 39 international competitions worldwide

In 28 oil producing countries

Τhe worldwide list of “EVOO WORLD RANKING 2017” was published by THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF WRITERS AND JOURNALISTS OF WINES AND SPIRITS, which essentially contains all the olive oils awarded for their quality in international competitions for the year 2017.

Taking into account were 39 international competitions worldwide, which were judged by expert panel tasters and 7952 olive oil samples from 26 different countries.

It is a great honor for Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates to have received 2nd place worldwide in rank for SYLLEKTIKON flavored evoo in the category RANKING OF THE BEST Codimento-Flavored Olive Oil 2017, in the list of the internationally renowned WORLD RANKING OF EVOO (EVOOWR), with a total of 81.25 points, raising our country, Greece, in this category, up to 2nd place worldwide.

 Olivegevity 2017 GOLD TASTE OLYMP Olivegevity 2017 SILVER OLYMP TASTE

2017 Taste Olymp Awards

The 2017 Taste Olymp Awards took place in Athens at the Divani Caravel Hotel on the 27th and 28th of May, 2017 and for the second time, it was a meeting place for the best food producers from Greece and other parts of the world, through a unique event, with the theme being the tasting of unique products of the agro-food sector. A total of over 600 samples were submitted.

The products were tested from numerous panel judges, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Tourism, the group for Unesco Peiraeus and the Islands, the Union of Ionian Greece, the CEUCO, the IEG, Club of Top Chefs of Corfu, Club of Top Chefs of Northern Greece, Club of Top Confectioners of Greece, Mithaikos, the Club of Top Chefs of Athens “Acropolis”, with specialists in the field of gastronomy.

With panel leader Konstantino Mouzaki-Chef Europe 2015, Director Gastronomy Club Unesco,  Member WACS, and the group of judges being: Ilias Iosifelis,executive chef, Evanthia Vonazounta, international top chef judge World Association of Chef’s Societes, Lefteris Karantanis, Chef at the Hilton for the past 25 years, Nikos Daoutis, executive chef, Kostas Kovaios,chef de cuisine, Lazaros Kovaxis, sous chef at the Officer’s Club, Marina Pouliou, food and nutrition technologist, Pavlos Alexandrou, President of the Association of Tasting and Gastronomy, and many others, adding a beautiful cluster of knowledge and expertise from the panel judges through a procedure that does not include doubt or error (blind taste procedure).

Our winning products:


Balsamikes: 2017 2nd TASTE OLYMP AWARDS: Gold Medal 

Organic Kalamata Olives: 2017 2nd TASTE OLYMP AWARDS: Silver Medal

Lemonenies: 2017 2nd TASTE OLYMP AWARDS: Silver Medal

Olive oils:

Enstagma Saffron – Sage: 2017 2nd TASTE OLYMP AWARDS: Gold Medal 

Enstagma Saffron: 2017 2nd TASTE OLYMP AWARDS: Silver Medal 

Olivegevity Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taste Award

Olivegevity High Phenolic EVOO Award 2017

Fyllikon biol Silver Medal Award 2017

A particularly great honorable distinction for Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates in one of the most difficult years for Greek organic olive oils, at the 22nd International Competition for Organic Olive Oil, PREMIO BIOL INTERNATIONAL 2017, which constitutes the top competition for organic olive oil worldwide.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates accumulated a high score and was awarded the SILVER MEDAL for FYLLIKON organic evoo, which is a great honor and reward for us, compensating our strive to retain the highest quality for the past 24 years!

For FYLLIKON organic evoo, it is the 5th award given by the BIOL International Competition, and the 59th award in total for Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates from national and international competitions during the course of the last five years.

3rd 2016:2017 BIOLNOVELLO: Silver Award

Another great distinction for the Fyllikon early harvest organic extra virgin olive oil receiving the 2016/2017 BIOLNOVELLO: Silver Award!

2017 LA International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

At the international competition 18TH LOS ANGELES International evoo Competition 2017, Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates were awarded the SILVER MEDAL for their olive oil SYLLEKTIKON evoo!

Syllektikon Japan Award 2017

The Syllektikon flavored olive oil wins the Silver Medal in Asia’s biggest olive oil competition, The OliveJapan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. This is Syllektikon’s second Silver Medal for 2017! Another great achievement for my olive oil supplier, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming.

Aristoleo Gold 2017 Aristoleo Silver 2017

Our Lemonenies olives recently received a double award at the 2017 ARISTOLEO Awards for High Phenolic Table Olives!

Aristoleo Silver & Gold Awards 2017

Lemonenies Arist Gold Award

Fyllikon Early First Harvest NYIOOC Silver Award2016 Fyllikon Award

The Fyllikon early first harvest olive oil has been declared one of the World’s Best Olive Oils for 2016 and given the Silver Award in the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITION -NYIOOC 2016!
It is the first award Olivegevity receives representing Sakellaropoulos Estates.

Armonia Award 2016

The Armonia olive oil was awarded the gold medal in the BIOL 2016 international competition. This contest is considered one of the best in the world for organic olive oils and is held every year in Italy

Syllektikon Award 2016

The flavor infused Syllektikon brand was awarded the Prestige Gold award at the 7th TERRAOLIVO 2016 International olive oil competition held in Jerusalem.

Olivegevity Awarded in 2016
2016 Olivegevity Award
2016 Fyllikon Award Worlds Best Olive Oils
Olivegevity Award 2016
Apple and Herb Flavored Olives

Apple and herb flavored olives from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming are awarded the iTQi 2016 Superior taste AWARD
Will soon be available in the US!