A particularly great honorable distinction for Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates in one of the most difficult years for Greek organic olive oils, at the 22ndInternational Competition for Organic Olive Oil, PREMIO BIOL INTERNATIONAL 2017, which constitutes the top competition for organic olive oil worldwide.

BIOL 2017: 22nd International Prize
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Fyllikon
Silver Medal
Fyllikon biol Silver Medal Award 2017

Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates accumulated a high score and was awarded the SILVER MEDAL for FYLLIKON organic evoo, which is a great honor and reward for us, compensating our strive to retain the highest quality for the past 24 years!

For FYLLIKON organic evoo, it is the 5th award given by the BIOL International Competition, and the 59th award in total for Sakellaropoulos Organic Estates from national and international competitions during the course of the last five years.

3rd 2016:2017 BIOLNOVELLO: Silver Award

Another great distinction for the Fyllikon early harvest organic extra virgin olive oil receiving the 2016/2017 BIOLNOVELLO: Silver Award!

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This exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of limited production and comes from the first harvest of the season in Autumn, when the olives are still small and unripe. Due to the olives being unripe, this oil is remarkably high in anti oxidants and polyphenols. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a rich grassy flavor and distinct aroma.