Between the 11th and 13th of April 2019, the London International Olive Oil Competition 2019 (LIOOC) was carried out in London, England.

London International Olive Oil Competition 2019 (LIOOC)
Flavored Olive Oil | Gemstone
Gold Medal

This particular international competition has really high quality standards which are based on the International Olive Oil Council and the international taste rules and regulations.

The tasting process is carried out with blind tasting by expert panel tasters of international prestige.

The participation exceeded 500 extra virgin olive oils from around the world and many olive oil producing countries such as France, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, U.S.A. etc. with high quality levels.

Gemstone Blend Evoo was awarded on its first year on the market and at its second official participation, in one of the most prestigious international olive oil competitions worldwide, reaching the top of the ranking, after Tokyo, Japan also at London with an exceptionally high score.

Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms, with a really high score, were awarded for ther new flavored olive oil Gemstone Flavored Blend Evoo with the GOLD MEDAL, which is a great honor and prize for our efforts, for 27 consecutive years, to achieve the highest possible quality for our products.