Gold Award for 2 of our Organic Products from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming at  GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2018 London U.K.

Every year, this time, the heart of gastronomy is in London, at the international gastronomic competition “Great Taste Awards”, which awards the top products of the world.

Great Taste Awards 2018: London UK
Flavored Olive Oil | Armonia
Gourmet Olives | Pinelies with ouzo
2 Gold Awards

The well-known taste competition “Great Taste Awards” is organized by the “Guild of Fine Food” and is a point of referral every year for quality food.

The “Great Taste Awards” have been characterized as “The Oscar of Taste” and are considered the “epicurean version of the Booker award”, while their gold stars are equivalent to the Michelin stars of awarded restaurants. (“Great taste award, is to speciality food and drink what Michelin is to fine dining” ).

Indicative of the significance and the international acknowledgement of the ‘Great Taste Awards” is the fact that it is supported by the finest London department stores as well as many other food department stores all over the world.

Great Taste Awards 2018

In 2018, more than 500 specialized panel tasters, including specially trained food writers worldwide, for 62 days, tasted approximately 12,500 high quality products from all over the world, in order to select the best considered for the “Oscar of Taste”

They rated the products with the “blind” taste method, without any referral to the packaging or logo, since the marketing is not judged, but only the taste and quality is.

The degree of difficulty is shown by the percentage of awards, since it does not exceed 30% of the total of high quality products.

Great Taste Awards 2018

Winning an award is very important for the acknowledgement of the product and for the consumer, it is a guarantee and reliable seal of quality, known worldwide.

On August 1st, 2018, the official results and the winners were announced by the well-known Great Taste Awards for 2018, where for one more time, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms were honored with 2 Gold stars for 2 of their products.

Great Taste Awards 2018 


“ARMONIA” organic cold extracted olive oil…….Gold Star
“PINELIES” Gourmet olives with ouzo………Gold Star