A great honorary distinction (Prestige Gold Award) for Sakellaropoulos Organic farms and their Superior gourmet olive oil Majestic Blend Evoo, at the 11th Olivinus International Competition 2018, that took place 12 – 14 /09/ 2018 at Mendoza, Argentina.

Olivinus International Competition 2018
Flavored Olive Oil | Majestic
Prestige Gold Award

The prestigious international olive tasting competition Olivinus is the 2nd worldwide at the global olive oil ranking with a very high difficulty (WREVOO 9/10) and is the largest and oldest prestigious evoo contest in that part of the world annually (American Continent). The really high difficulty of the competition is shown by this year’s participants, coming from 17 countries and 178 olive oil producing companies from all over the world.

The olive evaluation is done with blind tasting process, without any packaging or logo indications, since those are not evaluated but only taste and quality.