A great distinction for our extra virgin olive oil Learn more about the Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards 2016 and how the organic olive oil we produce in our single estate farm was awarded!

The Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards 2016
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Silver Standard
Olivegevity Awarded in 2016 2016 Olivegevity Award

Our organic family-owned independent farm is located near Sparta, Greece on the Peloponnesian peninsula. This area is famous for its ideal weather conditions and perfect olive growing environment, which has led to over 3,000 years of olive cultivation. The olive oil culture is predominant here and the olive tree is considered “sacred”. Every olive tree on our estate has been hand cultivated to ensure optimum health of the tree for future production.

We’re committed to growing the finest quality organic olives and years of research here on our farm allows us to blend modern technology along with traditional farming values.

We also have some higher elevation alpine meadows where we harvest our wildflowers and other aromatic herbs. These areas are undisturbed which allow the herbs and wildflowers to grow in abundance. We also use hand collection methods to ensure that the plant and animal life here are not disturbed and will continue to flourish for future generations.

Here are our products!


This awarded classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with ripe fully fleshed olives, always hand picked between December and January. Its taste is smooth and balanced and its color is golden green.

Armonikon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best used for:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Dressings
  • Everyday
  • Roasting

This is Olivegevity’s most versatile Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Fyllikon Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

This exceptional and multi awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of limited production and comes from the first harvest of the season in Autumn, when the olives are still small and unripe. Due to the olives being unripe, this oil is remarkable high in anti oxidants and polyphenols. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a rich grassy flavor and distinct aroma.

Fyllikon is best used for:

  • Dipping
  • Dressings
  • Legumes
  • Salads
  • Vegetables

Additional Info:

  • Available Sizes: 350ml
  • Single estate: Sparta, Greece
  • Single variety: Koroneiki
  • Extraction: cold extracted up to 18°C
  • Unfiltered
  • Limited production

Armonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

This awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil stems from a combination of ripe and semi ripe hand picked Koroneiki variety olives. It has a mellow quality and smooth after taste.

Armonia is best used for:

  • Baking
  • Roasting
  • Soup
  • Steamed Vegetables


  • BIOL International Olive Oil Competition 2018:  Silver Medal
  • BIOL International Olive Oil Competition 2016:  Gold Medal
  • BIOL International Olive Oil Competition 2015: Silver Medal
  • Great Taste Awards 2012 (1-star)

Additional Info:

  • Available Sizes: 750ml, 3lt
  • Single estate: Sparta, Greece
  • Single variety: Koroneiki
  • Extraction: cold extracted up to 22°C
  • Unfiltered